Sonna Etienne Foundation


1- You are soon to graduate and yet have no strategy to join the workforce?
2- You’ve been job hunting for sometimes yet nothing has yield?
3- You are already in the workforce, but your growth is stagnant?
This seminar is for you! The Sonna Etienne Foundation is bringing to you the bests in that topic, coming from across the globe (Cameroon, France, USA). They will deliver to you the keys to your “ENVOL” (Take off).

Only one date to remember: December 10, 2020.
Place: Hotel la Falaise in Yaoundé.
How to register: Via Mobile Money (MTN ou Orange).

The seminar will be by registration only and accounting for the limited seating, we urge you to reserve your seat immediately.
Timeliness will be enforced

Yaoundé, Cameroon

A STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Math) event (Dec 2nd, 2020): at a primary school in Dschang, where we will walk the student through some Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics hands on projects; with the hope to awake their interest for furthering their education in one of those fields.

Dschang, Cameroon

A COVID-19 sensibility campaign (Nov 30th, 2020) in Dschang, where we will be distributing masks, foods, and educating the population on safety procedures while we navigate the pandemic season.

Dschang, Cameroon