Sonna Etienne Foundation

Past Causes

Since the launch of this foundation early this year, we have been able to complete few projects with the limited funds we had. Here are couple of highlighted impact from those projects:
Mask Distribution Event

The foundation partner with the Balefang community to distribute mask to parent and children of that community. School also receive gels and water bucket for easy accessibility from students of the water to watch their hand more frequently.

Education merit awards
Annual Recognition Award Ceremony (Jul 2020, Jul 2021)
The foundation partner with the Balefang Primary School to provide outstanding students with recognition in the form of school furniture, books, tuition and teacher funding to motivate parent to maintain their bright children in school for a chance of a better tomorrow.

A professional development conference (Dec 10th, 2020):

For young professionals from diverse backgrounds and where we will share specific tools and tips towards professional development. And hope to motivate and open some doors in the life of our Cameroonian youth to rise and thrive in their selected career path.

Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

A STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Math) event (Dec 2nd, 2020):

At a primary school in Dschang, where we will walk student through some Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics hands on projects; with the hope to awake their interest for furthering their education in one of those fields.

Location: Dschang, Cameroon

A COVID-19 sensibility campaign (Nov 30th, 2020)

In Dschang, where we will be distributing masks, foods, and educating the population on safety procedures while we navigate the pandemic season.

Location: Dschang, Cameroon