Sonna Etienne Foundation

Upcoming Causes​

As our community of donors and volunteers continue to grow, in courage and boldness, we have set to accomplish the following initiatives in 2021:

SEF Water Project funding ($60k)

This is one of the last conceptualized projects by Sonna Etienne that he did not get to complete. We are asking everyone to please help us retire this project as done. It is a $60k project and Annie Sonna will match $1 for $1 every donation that come in between now and Nov 1st, 2020 up to $5000.

Supporting of IT school launch ($10k)

The world is becoming digitalized & IT skills are evolving in a very high paste. However, many people in Africa are still under exposed to computer skills at the rate seen in occidental countries. This project seeks to empower locals with cloud infrastructure, coding, AI and data science skills training in preparation of tomorrow anticipated shortage of IT skills at the global scale.

Balefang School Award Ceremony ($5k)

This event was launched in 2020 to encourage rural children that often find their education cut short due to limited parent resources. It has been well received in the community and a total success by the increase of the school Registration year over year. SEF will continue to fund outstanding students of this community yearly so to increase parent’s motivation to give their children a full chance at education.