Sonna Etienne Foundation

Our Trustees

The Sonna Etienne Foundation (SEF) has an expert Board of Trustees who all have the passion to help people and contribute to a better world.

Annie B. Nguimzong Sonna

She is the founder and current chairwoman of the Sonna Etienne Foundation from creation.She is the 2nd child of Etienne Sonna and the brain behind this initiative as she rallied her siblings around to turn it into reality.

Her passion to help and care for others has always been there from childhood. And she initially supported her immediate family, then extended one but knew that it will not just stop there. Having known her father and his legacy for the first 18 years of her life, she could not forget that he was on to something honorable and that even his life taken so soon should not be an end to that legacy.

In parallel, she is a Senior Technical Program Manager at Microsoft and a licensed real estate broker/ realtor with Keller Williams. Aside from this foundation, Annie has been in a board of many other nonprofits organizations and still occupies the role of Community Outreach Lead in the Women of Distinction Worldwide leadership where she has been contributing in various capacities for almost 10 years.

She received a spiritual “torch” from her dad and intend to shine the light in the life of others as long as God allows her to breath.


Paulette S. Atsafack Sonna Sofack

She was appointed as a Trustee right from the beginning of this foundation. She is the secretary of the Sonna Etienne foundation ensuring compliance to statutory obligations by the trustees and working in organizing the affairs of the board of directors. She is the 6th child of Etienne Sonna and another caring one who really did not get to comprehend the work of her father then, as she was only 10 year old when he passed. However, she had inherit a lot of his good character such endurance, care for other and integrity. She is currently a well accomplished software developer who has evolved as register consultant to highly renown companies in France.

Carole Montarou

She joined the foundation as a Trustee in 2020. She stepped up as the USA executive president. Carole , known as Tata Carole in her Cameroonian family, is originally from Le Mans, France where she grew up. Carried by a deep sense of adventure and curiosity, as a teenager she became a nanny for a French family in Atlanta Georgia, which then led her to pursue her education to earn a Master and PhD from Georgia Tech. As she grew in her professional career, she felt a need to give back to her community. Carole’s unwavering passion for dance which she has had since she is a toddler, allowed her to appreciate and connect with various cultures, including African music and African dance. Having built connections and relationships with the Cameroonian community in Portland, Oregon, where she met Annie Sonna, it was without hesitation that she decided to join her in December 2020 to launch the foundation and hold several education events in Cameroon. She now takes great pride in having been crowned as a Bamileke in Balefang in December 2020, an honor she is extremely grateful for. If you ask Tata Carole, her favorite place in Cameroon is the Mkop village in Dschang where she met many of Annie’s relatives. She welcomes the honor of serving this community as a great gift of personal growth learning from her newly found African family. A few favorite aspects of Cameroonian culture Tata Carole loves are Cameroonian piment and dancing to live-music in Cabarets !! 

Chamberline Marlyse Sonna Tsane Serapion

She was appointed as a Trustee right at the start of the foundation in 2020.
She is currently the Assistant Secretary of the Sonna Etienne Foundation managing the correspondence; meetings, volunteers file and document management (bylaws, articles of incorporation, meeting minutes,…)
Chamberline Marlyse is an office assistant in Paris and the Founder and Managing Director of International ONG AIDE HUMANITAIRE PENIEL based in France; in addition to supporting several charitable organizations as well. She lived in South Africa for over 10 years so she is perfectly bilingual in two languages: French and English. She has a lot of nonprofit experience she brings to the Board of this organization.

Martine Dongmo Sonna

She was appointed treasurer right from the start of this organization. She is Sonna Etienne’s widow and mother of his seven biological children. In the past 25 years, she had continued to keep alive her husband’s legacy while raising the young children he left her with. She currently resides in the USA where she’s always volunteering her service to sew or help care for children. As former social worker, she is also a mentor to many that are constantly calling for her advice, support, and prayers. She has been tremendous in helping us fill the gap about what we may not have known about Sonna Etienne.

Guy M Sonna Nanfack

He was appointed as the assistant treasurer right from the beginning of this foundation. He is the 3th child and first son of Etienne Sonna. He is, like most of the sibling, passionate about the cause of this foundation. Beyond the father’s legacy, he is looking to leave his own mark and really feel the satisfaction of doing something that is near and dear to his heart. He is currently a well accomplished leader in the retail industry and a great people person. As one of the great director of MACYS fulfillment, his skills are welcome and will surely serve this foundation well.

Niemel Ngatchou Sonna

He was appointed Marketing Director and Vice President of Operation from the get-go.He is Sonna Etienne’s first grandchild and his namesake, where his personal vesting in the vision of the foundation.While he sees his mother Annie as the brains, Niemel is the man with the action behind the scenes, executing on all cylinders when needed. His mother’s work ethic having rubbed off on him, he goes above & beyond to ensure that all things are running smoothly. He also provide innovative ideas for the Foundation in many aspects such as Fundraising, Social Media Marketing; but most importantly on how to continuously fight inequality, hunger, Poor Education & substandard living situations in Africa.

Dennis Aziakpono Oriero

I was born in a small town, which is currently known as Aviara, in Isoko South Local Govt area of Delta state, in the Oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.  I had my early education (primary and secondary education) in Abraka, Delta state and Portharcourt, Rivers state (also in the Niger Delta).   Thereafter, I proceeded to study for my Bachelors (B.Sc.) degree in Biochemistry, at Delta State University  and a Masters (M.Sc.) degrees in Biochemistry as well as a Post graduate Diploma in Chemical engineering at the University of Benin, all in Nigeria.  My professional career was first in academics in 2003 as a Lecturer, teaching Basic Biochemistry to Pre-clinical students at the Delta State University, College of Basic Medical Science, in Abraka Nigeria. In 2008, I got full scholarship to study in the United States of America, for graduate school and completed a second Master degree in Chemical engineering and finally doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Chemical engineering from the University of Idaho.From academics, I transitioned into industry, initially in Semiconductor manufacturing as a Process Engineer with Intel corporation and currently in Aerospace manufacturing (Honeywell Aerospace).

Growing up in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, I had firsthand experience regarding challenges of  obtaining basic education especially at a very young age and that inspired me to contribute and give back by supporting foundations/organizations in Africa that are focused on helping to provide such needs to children that do not have access to basic education, hence my involvement in the Etienne –Sonna foundation.