Sonna Etienne Foundation

Fundraising Events

In other to accomplish our 2020 goal of launching this foundation and our first ongoing project that was aimed at supporting education in the Balefang community, the SEF team launch a go fund me event early in the year that return a little under $1500. The Sonna Etienne family member added to the funds to execute all the various projects of 2020: Recognition Award Ceremonies, Disaster Relief Sensibilization Campaign, Creation of the Foundation with exemption status, development of its website and social presence.

Now, for the 2021 supported causes, we are anticipating a need of over $50,000 to execute on most causes outlined under our Upcoming causes section. The following fundraising initiatives are being developed and driven by the SEF team to raise required funds. Please help raise awareness through ours and your social platform:

SEF Summer Mega Fundraising

Donate and get a chance to win a Surface Go laptop, Champagne Sword plus Champagne (with sabering lesson), and African Art Craft.

The biggest project this year for the Sonna Etienne Foundation(SEF) is to build a water tank and sewage system to provide clean running water to over 6,000 households in the Balefang community in Cameroon. This is what our Summer 60k  Fundraising is purposed to do.

Please, consider donating or standing a fundraising of your own through the following link: /sonnaetiennefundraiser

Sonna Etienne Commemoration Fundraising

To commemorate the 27th year anniversary passing of Sonna Etienne in Oct 1994, we will be launching a fundraising event that will run throughout the month of October 2021. Please show your love through your Donation here.






SEF Annual Virtual Run

We are planning to launch our Annual SEF Run and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will limit ourselves to a virtual version this year. The run is target for the first week of December. Participants have three days to complete their run and turn in their result for a price to be announced with the launch of the event.

We are planning to launch our Annual SEF Run and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has been postponed to 2022.

Stay tune for the details!